Exploring LIGOVSKY PROSPEKT in St Petersburg. FULL Walking Tour. Live Chat

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Кредитные и дебетовые карты республики Грузия!

Exploring with full walking tour live stream Ligovsky Prospekt (Ligovsky Avenue).
Ligovsky Prospekt is one of the major streets in St Petersburg, Russia which goes from the Square of Moscow Trimphal Gate through the Square of Uprising to Nekrasov Street in the historic city center.

Based on an old road which led to Novgorod. 

In the first half of 1700's there was constructed a canal which transferred water from the Liga River to the fountains of the Summer Garden. Therefore, canal was named Ligovsky. After a flood of 1777 all the fountains were destroyedю Since then the canal lost its relevance and was buried over time. But the street which went along Ligovsky Canal inherited the name.

Ligovsky Prospekt goes through Moscow Triumphal Gates, Constructivist 1925 Fire Department and 1935 Fabric-Kitchen, Fish Plant, Multy-Storey Pre-Revolutionary Refrigerator of Ice Factory, Constructivist Laundry, Saints Cyril and Methodius Church, Former Breadbaking Plant turned to Loft-Project, Moscow Railway Station, Uprising Square, Children's Hospital of Prince Peter of Oldenburg Grand Concert Hall "Oktyabrsky", Maltsevsky Market

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