Exploring IZMAILOVSKYand VOZNESENSKY Prospekts in St Petersburg. FULL Walking Tour

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Live stream from full walking tour exploring Izmailovsky Prospekt (Avenue) and Voznesensky Prospekt (Avenue) of St Petersburg, Russia.

Technically Izmailovsky and Voznesensky are like one same avenue which goes from the Admiralty and Admiralteysky Prospekt to the intersection with Obvodny Canal (Bypass Canal). But from Admiralty to the Embankment of Fontanka River it is toponymically — Voznesensky Prospekt and from the Embankment of Fontanka River to Obvodny Canal (Bypass Canal) it is Izmailovsky Prospekt.

Former Varshavsky Railway Station, Church of the Ascension of Christ (1908), The Trinity Cathedral (Troitsky Cathedral) (1835), St Petersburg State Universityof Industrial Technologies and Design, Mariinsky Palace, Isaac's Square, St Isaac's Cathedral, Blue Bridge, Astoria Hotel, Angleter Hotel, Admiralty.

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