Exploring VYBORG, Leningrad Region. The Historic City Center. FULL Walking Tour. LIVE!

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Live stream exploring with full walking tour the city of Vyborg, Leningrad Region, Russia.
Vyborg (Russian: Выборг, Finnish: Viipuri. Swedish: Viborg) is a town in, and the administrative center of Vyborgsky District in Leningrad Oblast (Region), Russia. Founded in 1403.

It lies on the Karelian Isthmus near the head of the Vyborg Bay — 130km (81miles) to the nortwest of St Petersburg and only 38km (24 miles) south of Russia's border with Finland where the Saimaa Canal enters the Gulf Of Finald.

The Vyborg Caste, Olaf's Tower, Old City Hall, Clock Tower, Round Tower, Old Market, Alvar Aalto Library, St Peter and St Paul Cathedral, Oldest Residential House in Russia.

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