North Side of Prospekt Stachek (Strikes Avenue). Kirovsky District. St Petersburg. Walking Tour Live

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Walking tour live stream through the north side of Prospekt Stachek (Strikes Avenue) is the main avenue of Kirovsky District which is located in the south-west of St Petersburg.

Prospekt Stachek originates from Narva Triumphal Gates which used to be an outpost in the south-western border of St Petersburg from the side of an old road to Peterhoff. 

Kirovsky District was developed starting from 1917 and for this reason it’s older (north) side is mostly presented by an architecture of constructivism, which turns to Stalinist architecture of 1930’s-1950’s and then to late Soviet architecture of Khruschev and Breznev periods. 

Exploring Prospekt Stachek in Kirovsky district of St Petersburg.
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