Exploring Saint Petersburg - 4K Virtual Walking Tour through Russia's Cultural Center - Part #1

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Get a closer look at Saint Petersburg's most interesting and unique sites, and learn about the city's everyday life with our film. Become a real virtual tourist and discover main monuments, streets, squares, and public areas in the town. You will cross bridges, watch baroque palaces, admire royal gardens, and walk along a charming embankment. Listen to the city sounds and feel the atmosphere of the second-largest city of Russia. Imagine yourself walking around numerous channels, along historic streets filled with unique museums, theaters, and fancy restaurants. Enjoy this virtual walking tour and use this 4K city walking video as beautiful screensaver for any space!
You will be taken to the popular destinations such us
Walk along Griboyedov Channel 0:00
Sennaya Square (Сенная Площадь) 00:18:18
Sadovaya Street (Садовая улица) 00:23:27
Krykov Channel, Staro-Nikols'ky Bridge (Крюков Канал, Старо-Никольский мост) 00:28:36
Griboyedov Channel Embankment (Набережная Канала Грибоедова) 00:30:04
Griboyedov Channel, Bridge of four lions (Канал Грибоедова, Львиный мост) 00:38:48
Griboyedov Channel, the Bank Bridge (Канал Грибоедова, Банковский мост) 00:53:53
Kazan Cathedral (Казанский Кафедральный Собор) 00:57:29
Griboyedov Channel Embankment (Набережная Канала Грибоедова) 01:02:21
Savior on the Spilled Blood (Храм Спаса на крови) 01:10:32
Futbolnaya Debevnya (Футбольная Деревня) 01:13:10
Moyka River Embankment ( Набережная реки Мойка) 01:15:34
Summer Garden (Летний Сад) 01:21:29
Pamyatnik I.A.Krylovu( памятник Крылову) 01:30:56
Mytninskaya Embankment ( Мытнинская набережная) 01:38:03
Birzhevoy Bridge (Биржевой мост) 01:40:25
Strelka Vasilevskogo Ostrova (Стрелка Василевского острова) 01:45:13
The Palace Bridge (Дворцовый мост) 01:51:48
The Garden of the Winter Palace (Сад Зимнего Дворца) 01:57:12
Palace Square (Дворцовая Площадь) 01:58:46
General Staff Building (Арка Главного Штаба) 02:01:24
Bolshaya Morskaya Street (Большая Морская улица) 02:02:37
Nevskiy Avenue ( Невский Проспект) 02:03:17 2:40:00
Moyka River, Green Bridge (Река Мойка) 02:04:27
Fontanka River, Anichkov Bridge (Река Фонтанка, Аничков Мост) 02:21:17
Vosstania Square (Площадь Восстания) 02:36:01
Mitropolichiy Garden (Митрополичий Сад) 02:49:40
Atamanskaya Street (Атаманская улица) 2:54:08
Obvodniy Channel Embankment ( Набережная Обводного Канала) 02:55:02

Video from: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Time of filming: summer of 2021
Video title: Exploring Saint Petersburg on Foot Part #1
Video resolution: 4K UHD
Equipment used: Panasonic Lumix GH5
Video type: urban walking tour
Producer: Roman Khomlyak, ProArtInc
Cinematographer: Evgeniy Romanov
Editor and colorist: Stanislav Goncharuk
Supervising editor: Anatolii Pylypenko
Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard, and challenging work.

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Steeped in rich architectural history, St Petersburg was built to eclipse the capitals of its European neighbors. Nevsky Avenue alone is a mile-long journey through the architectural history of Europe. Turn one corner, and you’re in Vienna, turn another, you’re in Venice, another, you’re in Paris. If you’re in search of something interesting for your leisure - this walking tour is for you! Get your inspiration from this amazing city walk video and never stop dreaming about visiting new exciting cities and counties.

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