St Petersburg, Russia, Zagorodny avenue. Walking tour / Subtitles! (4K Ultra HD 60fps)

Кредитные и дебетовые карты республики Грузия!
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Кредитные и дебетовые карты республики Грузия!

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Don't miss our walks in St. Petersburg, Russia. Here is the link:

We recorded this 4k ultra hd video during our trip to St. Petersburg, Russia in January 2021.
St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia and one of the main federal districts in Russia. Located along the mouth of the Neva River in northwest Russia, St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful European centers, and its core was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996.
Our guided walking tour of about 1.5 km starts from Zvenigorodskaya Street, ends at Vladimirskaya Square and covers most of the sights and historical sites of St. Petersburg.

► Map of the Walk ◄https: //

Video Timeline Links:
00:05 Start of the route - Zagorodny prospect.
01:15 Philharmonic Society of Jazz Music.
02:00 Jambul Lane.
02:37 Socialist Street.
03:29 Banny Lane.
04:49 A. Koroleva's house 1857.
10:34 Riding street.
10:39 Five Corners Square.
11:13 Apartment building Sh.Z. Ioff 1914.
12:34 Temple in the name of the Konevskaya Icon of the Mother of God.
14:21 Cathedral of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God 1769.
14:28 Vladimirskaya square.

Video From: St. Petersburg, Russia
Video Resolution: 4K 60fps
Camera ???? DJI Osmo Pocket
Video Type: City walking tour
Date of Shooting: January 2021

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