St Petersburg City walking Tour | Uspenskoe Podvorie on 14th Line Street Vasileostrovsky District.

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Walk in St. Petersburg (Russia) in the Vasileostrovsky district. In this walking video we will go to the Uspenskoe courtyard of the Optina Pustyn monastery and walk along the 14th line of Vasilievsky Island.
The Dormition courtyard of the Optina Pustyn monastery, this majestic five-domed temple, richly decorated with wall paintings, began to play an important role in the panorama of the embankment and the mouth of the Neva. In 1935, the church was closed, the frescoes were painted over, and in 1956 the building was equipped with the first indoor ice rink with artificial ice, from which the Leningrad school of figure skating began to flourish. In 1991, the church was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church, and restoration work began. The temple was built in 1895-1897.

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