Saint Petersburg Walking Tour City Center: Palace Bridge, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Nevsky Avenue.

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Walking route in St. Petersburg (Russia). Our route will start on Vasilievsky Island, then we will go through the Palace Bridge to the Admiralty, to the Bronze Horseman and St. Isaac's Cathedral. Our route will end at Nevsky Avenue.

Map of the Walk:
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00:20 University Embankment, Vasilievsky Island.
00:29 Menshikov Palace 1714.
Various styles are involved in the architecture of the palace: a symmetrical layout and a high through lobby with arcades, reminiscent of an Italian palazzo, while the tiles, which are lined with the walls of the palace, ceilings and stoves are elements of the Dutch style. The interior decoration uses expensive types of wood, antique and modern Italian sculpture, decorative painting and stucco molding, painted Dutch tiles, tapestry and silk wallpapers.
01:20 In the distance, you see St. Isaac's Cathedral.
02:11 Bolshaya Neva River.
03:06 The pier.
04:35 St. Isaac's Cathedral, and on the right is the Admiralty. We need to go there!
07:31 St. Petersburg State University.
08:03 Mendeleevskaya line, monument to Lomonosov.
10:02 Left Building of the Academy of Sciences 1789.
11:10 Customs lane.
11:17 Kunstkamera 1734. Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography.
The collections of the Kunstkammer (from German Kunstkammer - cabinet of rarities, museum) reflect the diversity of cultures of the peoples of the Old and New World. The museum presents expositions dedicated to the peoples of America, Africa, China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Oceania and other countries. Particular attention is drawn to the collection of human ugliness stored in jars of alcohol, as well as a collection of dry human preparations, for example: heart, lungs and others, which have survived to this day and are in showcases under glass.
13:05 Palace Bridge.
13:20 Zoological Museum is the oldest zoological museum in Russia.
13:30 Spit of Vasilievsky Island, Rostral Columns (lighthouses).
17:43 On the right is the Admiralty, on the left is the Winter Palace.
18:22 Admiralty 1823.
21:15 Makarova's apartment building 1911.
21:45 Palace of Grand Duke Mikhail Mikhailovich 1888.
The palace is made in strict proportions, it is distinguished by an excellent layout and excellent decoration. The facade of the building is executed in the spirit of the Italian Renaissance. The high ground floor of the building is finished with granite. There are masks under the windows of the first floor, among which it is impossible to find two identical ones. The double columns of the second floor pass into the pilasters of the third. The third floor is completed with a stucco cornice.
23:05 Chernomorsky lane.
25:22 Apartment house of Rukavishnikova 1881.
25:39 Kerch lane.
26:13 House of Paulucci 1881.
28:03 This is the Admiralty again.
30:21 Monument to Peter I, Senate Square 1782.
Peter the Great (1672-1725) - the first emperor of all Russia and the founder of St. Petersburg.
34:20 St. Isaac's Cathedral is the largest Orthodox church in St. Petersburg; has the status of a museum, but services are held on special holidays. The height of the cathedral is 101.5 m, it is the high-rise dominant of the central part of the city and one of the visiting cards of St. Petersburg. The cathedral is rightfully considered a unique architectural structure.
37:03 Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg.
37:57 Voznesensky prospect.
39:25 Gorokhovaya street.
40:41 Nevsky prospect.
42:29 Wawelberg Banking House 1912.
43:06 Malaya Morskaya Street.
44:56 Bolshaya Morskaya Street.
46:07 Moika River, Green Bridge.
47:42 Bolshaya Konyushennaya.
47:51 Zara department store, Mertens house.
49:00 Kazan Cathedral 1811.

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