Saint Petersburg (Russia) | City center Walking Tour 2021 | Furshtatskaya street.

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Walking map:

We recorded this video while walking around St. Petersburg, Russia, in early March 2021. St. Petersburg is the cultural capital and the second most populous city in Russia with a population of 5,000,000 inhabitants. Since the 18th century, St. Petersburg has been one of the largest Russian centers of finance, diplomacy, trade, fashion, science and art. His nickname "The Cultural Capital of Russia", received during the Enlightenment until 1917, remains relevant, since St. Petersburg retained its importance as a center of educational and cultural activities. Walk the local streets, relax and listen to the relaxing sounds of the city. You will find yourself in the very heart of the city life of St. Petersburg, where you can recharge your batteries. Explore this city day and night and decide if you want to visit St. Petersburg before arriving. Our walking tour along Furshtatskaya street, about 1000 m long, starts from Potemkinskaya street and ends at Liteiny prospect.


⭐ Nevsky Prospect. St. Petersburg

⭐ Christmas in St. Petersburg

⭐ Winter in St. Petersburg

⭐ Night in St. Petersburg ????

⭐ A day in St. Petersburg ????


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