Russia St Petersburg Night Nevsky Avenue + Str Mayakovsky Walking Tour [ Realistic Experience

Кредитные и дебетовые карты республики Грузия!
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Кредитные и дебетовые карты республики Грузия!

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00:02 Mayakovsky Street.
09:34 Nevsky Prospect. The avenue stretches for 4.5 km from the Admiralty to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. From Nevsky Prospect you can go to all the main sights of the city.
12:12 Hotel Corinthia.
14:08 Cafe Bakery number 89.
15:11 Vladimirsky prospect.
17:15 Rubinstein Street. Find my playlist: Bars & Pubs !!
18:25 Anichkov Bridge is a symbol of St. Petersburg.
19:11 Fontanka River.
20:14 Left - the Imperial Cabinet.
20:50 Bookstore - Writer's shop.
21:42 Caravan street.
24:56 On the left is the Rodina cinema.
26:23 Forward - State circus of the 19th century.
27:54 Engineering street.
29:06 Maple Street.
31:28 Italian street. We visited one of the best quarters of old Petersburg!
33:27 Malaya Sadovaya Street.
35:50 Nevsky prospect.
36:20 Monument to the Russian Empress Catherine the Great.
37:17 Alexandrinsky Theater 1756.

Welcome to St. Petersburg, one of the most popular cities in Russia! This 50-minute virtual walk takes you through the heart of St. Petersburg, filled with business, shopping and nightlife districts. Night walk in the rain along Mayakovsky Street to Nevsky Prospect. The video contains only sounds of the night city.

How to distinguish a native Petersburger from everyone else?
The Petersburger is a special being and there are features that distinguish him from the simple population of the country. Everyone knows that in St. Petersburg everything is always different. Here is a different time, space, sunlight and citizens.

Among the indigenous St. Petersburg residents, there are indeed many descendants of historical or aristocratic families, their habits are hereditary, developed over the years and generations, have grown into genetics and are unchangeable. A native of St. Petersburg:

1) hates and never uses the word "Peter" (since this is the word of the proletarian outskirts). Gotta say St. Petersburg

4) a purely outwardly St. Petersburg resident can be easily identified on the street by his nondescript, worn-out clothes.

5) It is typical for an indigenous inhabitant to go to a lush, wine-glass or pie shop of the old times

* a native always has an incurable chronic runny nose, and he often squishes his nose

* prefers beer - vodka, port. Beer is a drink of common people, villagers.

10) A bit greedy and tight-fisted. Likes to save money in order to buy (in tattered jeans) the most expensive cigarettes, wine, collectible item or perfume, in short, something impractical for the soul;

11) A native Petersburger is a cheerful optimist, with all his delicacy, he has a pronounced sense of humor, irony, sarcasm, he can put very delicately and imperceptibly, and if necessary, even sharply, mockingly in the place of anyone, not shying away from swearing, profanity , which he uses at ease, to the place and with great grace;

12) Finally. He is never an oligarch.

Therefore, modern girls (including indigenous ones) cannot like the native St. Petersburg man, he will not leave offspring, and soon this species will die out with all its features and disadvantages.


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