St Petersburg Museums on your own

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Survival guide: how to visit the most popular museums of St. Petersburg, Russia, without a tour guide but without wasting time in queues. Booking online tickets to Catherine Palace and Amber Room, the Hermitage and Peterhof.
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Catherine Palace:
the Hermitage:
00:00 - Most crowded St. Petersburg museums - introduction
00:28 - Options how to visit St. Petersburg museums with comfort and without stress
01:15 - Visiting Catherine Palace and Amber Room
01:31 - Booking online tickets to Catherine Palace and Amber Room
05:16 - Drop-off and pick-up place at Catherine Palace
05:30 - Place to change Catherine Palace e-tickets to real tickets
05:46 - Visiting the Hermitage
06:04 - Booking online tickets to the Hermitage
07:04 - Entrance to the Hermitage for visitors with e-tickets
07:49 - Visiting Peterhof
08:28 - Booking online tickets to Peterhof
09:07 - Visiting smaller palaces and pavilions in Peterhof
09:32 - Conclusion. Support us by subscribing, likes and comments

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