Кредитные и дебетовые карты республики Грузия!
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Кредитные и дебетовые карты республики Грузия!

Route: https://goo.gl/maps/eoHBoiLHazeTynS7A

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In this video, we will walk through St. Petersburg (Russia) in the area of the Peter and Paul Fortress: along the Kronverkskaya Embankment to the Birzhevoy Bridge and back to the Troitsky Bridge across the Peter and Paul Fortress. The Peter and Paul Fortress is the center of St. Petersburg, the Capital of the Russian Empire. A city inspired by Europe and copying it! People who came to Moscow from St. Petersburg did not understand where they had ended up ... in the village?

This is the second part of a large walk in St. Petersburg, which took place on September 6, Sunday 2021. In the next parts, we will cross the Troitsky Bridge and walk along the central streets of the city, go to shops and drink coffee in one of the small restaurants in St. Petersburg. The weather is also one of the decorations of the city, and it was great!

Visit Russia, Saint Petersburg. Virtual morning walk. Places to go:Tourism, travel, holiday. 2 part:

00:01 Kronverkskaya embankment, Russia St. Petersburg.

00:12 View of the Peter and Paul Fortress. The heart of St. Petersburg (hare island). What a morning! The last warm days ... Only in the early morning you can run like this in St. Petersburg!

02:42 This is the Western Artillery Bridge.

03:55 Kronverksky Strait. The smell of grass and a clean summer morning ...

05:41 Pier. Probably from here, boat excursions begin.

05:52 Kronverksky bridge. It looks like the wooden bridges of St. Petersburg of the 18-19th centuries. The bridge is 58 m long and 9 m wide.

06:32 Fire brigade.

07:10 Remember it! He's kind of old, but he walks quickly. Strangely dressed, like a fisherman ... We'll see him later ...

08:31 Ahead is the arrow of Vasilievsky Island. One of the central places!

10:13 Sailing ship "Flying Dutchman". A unique copy of the Dutch flute "Amsterdam" in 1748. This is one of the visiting cards of St. Petersburg.

13:16 Exchange bridge.

15:18 To live in such a place and drive such a car! It's great!

16:00 Zoological lane.

16:36 Gazprom office. "Probka in St. Petersburg" is an Italian restaurant. Average bill 2500 ₽ (30 dollars) Italian cuisine.

17:27 Dobrolyubov Avenue.

17:36 4-room apartment, 120 m² in this house 250,000 dollars.

23:45 Arrow of the hare island.

26:16 Ahead: Ship, Exchange Bridge, Exchange Square, Palace Bridge ..

27:04 Do you recognize the pilgrim?

27:45 Peter and Paul Fortress.

30:03 Exhibition of sand figures.

32:16 - have you been to the exhibition?
- no, did not go! there is nothing interesting there!
- try, make something out of sand, it's not snow!
- there was a lot of rain, everything blurred!

33:34 There used to be many such views on the banks of the Neva!

34:56 Commandant's pier 1760. From here the prisoners were sent to execution. This is the last thing they saw ...

42:46 As a child, I also fished here ...

43:33 Trinity Bridge.

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