Tsarskoe selo (Pushkin town) walking tour, Saint Petersburg (Царское село)

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Founded in 1710 and located near St Petersburg, this city used to be the residence of the emperors and empresses of the Russian empire. Tsarskoe Selo means in Russian “Village of the Tsar”, it was renamed during the Soviet period into Pushkin, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of the famous Russian poet.

Time Stamp:
00:49 Catherine Palace
02:10 Catherine Palace
05:10 Upper Bath Pavilion
06:08 Lower bath
08:22 Rybnyy Canal
09:18 Hermitage Pavilion
11:46 Great pond
13:19 Grotto Pavilion
15:31 Cameron Gallery
22:15 Granite Terrace
23:00 Apollo
23:48 Ramp alley
25:23 Hanging garden
26:23 Cameron Gallery
26:31 Cold bath with Agate rooms
30:00 Private garden
31:13 Kagul'skiy Obelisk
32:36 Fountain Vase
34:29 Entrance to the Palace

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