Russia Vlog 2 | Saint Petersburg Tour with Rach

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Hello You lovelies,
Here's the brand new video all the way from Petersburg for you.
Petersburg as a city is so much more lively than Moscow(if you have watched closely, you would find a headless clown coming and trying to talk to us, so we would take pictures with him and pay him some money) and many Indians prefer to visit Petersburg over Moscow; and the Tickets to SP from Delhi is cheaper as well.
We walked all across the city, used public transport, ate from local hawkers, danced in public(again :D), cooked food in our BnB, did grocery shopping and had bit of photo-session on a lovely sunny morning.
Uff, A vacation is like extended weekend where you can do whatever and however you want things to be done, and this is mantra we followed in SP too.

If you have watched this video fully and read this whole blabber about my travel journey, do follow me on Instagram as well, I am known there as @wanderlust_womaniya.

Thank you and lots of love,
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