Repin Street — The Narrowest Street of St. Petersburg | 4K ASMR Walking Tour

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Repin Street is one of the most charming corners of Saint Petersburg. It stretches from the beautiful and quiet Rumyantsevsky Garden to Sredny Prospekt on Vasilyevsky Island. Today Repin Street is known as the narrowest street in the city. Its width is only 5.6 meters. It is also one of the few streets in the historical part of the city, where stone paving has been preserved almost along its entire length. The street attracts with its atmosphere. Diving into Repin Street from the noisy Sredny Avenue, you find yourself in an amazing corridor of silence: on both sides it is protected from the outside world by houses of various sizes and shapes.

In this walking tour we’ll follow the whole street, hope you’ll enjoy it!

0:00 — Intro: View form the Rumyantsevsky Garden
0:18 — Beginning: Sredny Prospekt
06:45 — Bolshoy Prospect
11:03 — End: Rumyantsevsky Garden

Video from: Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2021
Video resolution: 4K UHD
Video type: City Walking Tour
Audio: ASMR Binaural

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