⁴ᴷ Russia, St.Petersburg Walk Liteiny prospect From Nevsky Prospect to Zhukovsky Street

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In this video we take a walk in St. Petersburg, Russia along Liteiny Prospekt on February 14, 2021. Our walk will start from Nevsky Prospekt and end at the intersection of Liteiny Prospekt with Zhukovsky Street. (Saint Petersburg (Russia) 2021 city tour 4K 60fps video walk. City walk through St. Petersburg, Liteiny prospect video. Walking travel tour around in St. Petersburg, Russia. Sounds of the city ambience. Visit the Capital City of Russia through this virtual walk 4K video, Ultra HD.)

Map of the Walk:

Video Timeline Links:
00:06 Liteiny prospect - the beginning of the route.
00:18 Cafe-TSEKH 85. Coffee from $ 1, pie from $ 0.3.
03:32 Grocery store, works around the clock.
04:54 Shopping center.
05:40 Mariinsky City Hospital.
06:27 Ahead - Zhukovsky street.

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Date of Shooting: 14 February 2021
Camera DJI Pocket2
Video Resolution: 4K Ultra HD 60fps
Video Type: Saint Petersburg walking tour

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